Vanuatu Teachers Union

Vanuatu Teachers Union threatening to call strike

Willie Abiut said a proposal calling for $US3.45 million to settle the anomalies and $US5.2 million to settle the benefits had been lodged with the Development Committee of Officials and the Council of Ministers.

The union is waiting for parliament to sit in June to approve the payments and is confident MPs will accede to the proposal, Mr Abiut said.

"That's the question of waiting for their approval but the government is responding. They're giving us quite a few figures of settling the issues so they're answering what the VTU is asking," he said.

Vanuatu teachers union president suspended

The Daily Post reports Willie Abiut is alleged to have sold union-owned land and a union-owned vehicle for personal gain.

But Mr Abiut told the newspaper that he was wrongly suspended, promising to respond to the allegations when they are provided to him by the union's executive.

Mr Abiut was elected to the union's presidency in 2016.


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Vanuatu school building rebuilt in two days

Arsene Siriam's statement comes after the announcement that Vanuatu's education sector has been allocated US$7.3 million to rebuild infrastructure damaged in Cyclone Pam.

The education ministry says that after waiting almost five months, it will now rebuild 70 percent of school buildings damaged by the category five cyclone, which devastated much of the country in March.