Group of youth in Vanuatu sentenced for 'Wan Smolbag' attack

Peter Walker and two close friends were assaulted outside his Port Vila property nearly a year ago.

Justice Andre Wiltens said the behaviour had permanent consequences for the victims.

He said to categorise the offending as serious was inadequate saying it was an act of unprovoked gratuitous violence.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported Samuel Molsir, 23, was sentenced to 11 years and four months prison on each charge of sexual intercourse without consent, robbery and intentional assault as well as a further year for criminal trespass and theft.

Tanna farmers hit Port Vila markets

“Transporting goods from Tanna to Port Vila markets in containers will become the new normal. And we will not stop here. Our goal is export crops overseas through existing businesses such as Dynamic Foods Company,” said Ps Tom Naket, Food Programme Manager for Tanna Farmers Association.

On Thursday, 25 June 2020, history was made when a 20-foot container was delivered to Mautoa otherwise known as Freswota Park by South Sea Cargo.

There were over 600 bundles of taro and other root crops harvested by farmers from around Tanna inside the container.

Repatriation flights to Vanuatu seen as 'thank you' from NZ

Jonathan Schwass said until recently there were 3700 ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers in New Zealand picking fruit and grapes and carrying out other horticultural work.

As the picking season ended, the RSE workers couldn't return home because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Mr Schwass said, in phase one, just over 1,000 workers were repatriated.

He said New Zealand Defence Force transport was organised because commercial options were not suitable.

Political bribery case to begin in Vanuatu court

Mr Salwai will appear in court alongside the former Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaia, the former Minister of Health, Jerome Ludvaune and the former Speaker of Parliament and current Minister of Education, Seule Simeon.

Former Tafea outer island MP, Tom Korr, is also due to appear.

The five suspects are accused of bribery during the last government's tenure by offering ministerial portfolios, which led to several failed motions of no confidence.

Vanuatu competitions edging closer to restart

Last week, a group of VFF’s technical team and provincial football administrators went through an intense training exercise that focused on restarting the game after the COVID-19 lockdown measures, which has impacted many athletes in Vanuatu.

Football was placed on hold due to the pandemic in March but when it resumes, regional knockout matches while take place in various provinces in early July, while youth leagues will also begin alongside a women’s knockout competition in Port Vila.

Vanuatu DSPPAC convenes first NGOs meeting for 2020

The key objectives of the meeting were to inform Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of the latest developments on the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and development of the Recovery Plan for TC Harold and COVID-19, and inform NGOs about the Vanuatu Civil Society Organizations Support and Technical Cooperation Facility (CSOTCF) which is being funded by the European Union (EU).

Vanuatu Government to review decisions to amend land laws in 2013

The laws concerned are the Land Reform (Amendment) Act No 31 of 2013, the Land Leases (Amendment) Act No 32 of 2013 and the Customary Land Management Act No 33 of 2013.

The review has been approved with the primary aim to separate the functions of issuance of land leases and the process of determination by the courts at the village and island level of a customary land ownership.

The decision is a direct implementation of an agreement made by all political parties that set up the new Government in April this year.

Vanuatu joins global call to action on remittances during COVID-19

It has been estimated that the pandemic will cause a 20% decline in the amount of remittances sent by migrants back home to low- and middle-income countries. This is due to loss of wages and employment by migrants alongside restrictions placed on remittances providers during lockdown. 

NZ and Australian flights repatriate ni-Vanuatu

Of the passengers, 50 were from Australia and 132 from New Zealand, mostly seasonal workers who had been stranded in these countries since the covid-19 pandemic was declared in March.

Today saw the last two flights from the first phase of a process to repatriate Vanuatu nationals amid international travel restrictions due to the pandemic. The second phase will begin in August.

Since the repatriation started last month over one thousand five hundred nationals have been rapatriated.

USP Emalus campus in Vanuatu to host upcoming 7s tournament

The Vanuatu Association of Sports and Olympic Committee is encouraging local clubs to sign their teams up for the competition.

All the clubs that are willing to participate in the one-day tournament, are expected to be at VASANOC House, on Thursday from 12-1pm.

Interested teams are being urged to send one rep to the meeting house where all the information regarding the tournament will be given out by the organizing committee.

The local rugby 7s tournament will be held on 24 July.