Vanuatu Prime Minister signs final RTI Ministerial order

The final Order means members of the public may obtain information from all the government agencies that are mentioned in all the Three RTI Orders.

Public offices and relevant private entities to which the RTI Act No. 13 of 2016 applies to are: Ministry of Public Utilities and all Departments under its portfolio; Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and all Departments under its portfolio; the Public Service Office; State Law Office, Parliament House; Offices under the Judiciary Sector and all financial institutions that are wholly owned or in part by the Government.

Vanuatu school delivers mass suspensions for drinking

The school's principal, Shem Simon, told Buzz FM the incident took place on Saturday and reflected poorly on the college, with photos of the inebriated students flooding social media.

However, he underlined his main concern was the safety of the pupils.

Mr Simon said a number of them were repeat offenders who had just returned from suspension.

The principal said incidents like this were likely because of negative situations many students faced at home, where he said education started.

Pacific young people discuss natural disasters at Japan summit

The Pacific students are among 210 young people from 43 countries attending the summit along with over 200 Japanese youths.

Japan was hit with a deadly tsunami in March 2011 following a magnitude nine earthquake off the country's east coast.

At least 20,000 people died in the disaster.

Noriko Tanaka, from the Japanese Embassy in Wellington, said it was important for the youth to learn about tsunamis and share their knowledge with their communities when they return home.

Vanuatu health authorities record typhoid case on Efate

As of 3 September 2019, one case of typhoid has been confirmed by laboratory testing of a seven-year-old child of North Efate.

According to the ministry, the surveillance team conducted an investigation and preliminary findings indicate the patient was infected through poor hygiene and unsafe/unhealthy environment.

The ministry says no other cases have been detected after an investigation.

The public has been reminded to practice safe hygiene and use clean and safe

Vanuatu needs a resilient workforce

Commissioner Meltenoven says according to the last national survey conducted in 2000, the current labour market data is limited.

“We need to update our data and support each other to better understand and prepare the national workforce for future work,” she said.

Commissioner Meltenoven made the comments at the recent Skills for the Future Workshop held in Port Vila.

Vanuatu minimum wage lifted

The Employment Act requires the minister to review the minimum wage every two years.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported the minister saying he was aware of workers' wage concerns and at the rising cost of living, and this had prompted his move.


Vanuatu government concerned about violent protests in West Papua

“While the deployment of military was deemed necessary to quell recent protests in West Papua, actions are disproportionately heavy-handed, and have already resulted in several causalities,” the Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement on Thursday.

“Also, and according to early reports received, the Military continues to unfairly target protestors of Papuan origin-through arbitrary arrests and detentions.”

“Although, given the communication ‘blackout’ in West Papua, the human rights situation could be much worse.”

Vanuatu to develop national standard for Virgin Coconut Oil

The consultation brought together the line agencies, Department of Health, Department of Industry and Trades, Department of Agriculture, Buyers, manufacture and producers of Virgin coconut oil.

The purpose of the consultation was to identify the needs of the various key stakeholders in this value chain, to know the experience of each stakeholder in virgin coconut oil, through their feedbacks it will benefit the Virgin coconut industry.

Edwin Kalorisu declared winner in Efate rural by-election

The by-election was held Monday and polling officers reported a poor turnout with 7,629 of the 32,607 registered voters voting.

The Electoral Commission officially announced Edwin Kalorisu as the new Member of Parliament for Efate rural and offshore islands constituency with 1,768 votes.

The Reunification Movement of Change candidate Timothy Thomas, finished in second place with 1,411 votes and William Malas of New Nation Party came in 3rd with 1, 215votes.

The win means the Leaders party in the coalition government now has five MPs in the 52-seat House.

Kalorisu leads in Vanuatu's Efate Rural Constituency by-election

The Reunification Movement for Change candidate Timothy Thomas has 1,418 votes and the New Nation Party's Pastor William Malas is coming third with 1,065 votes.

The Daily Post Newspaper said the Electoral Office is preparing the official results which will be announced today.

The by-election was called following the sudden death of the Vanuatu Leaders Party MP, Jerry Kanas.