Vanuatu reliant on donor help for 2016 snap poll

The country has a snap election scheduled for January the 22nd after the president, Baldwin Lonsdale, dissolved parliament following the jailing of 14 MPs for corruption last month.

The principal electoral officer, Charles Vatu, says the country has suffered financially from cyclone Pam and donor help would come in handy.

However, he says the office should be able to get enough money for the election to go ahead.

Seeking a unique form of compensation after climate change damages

The cyclone last March levelled thousands of homes and destroyed virtually the entire food crop of the subsistence farmers. With an average income of less than $3,500 (U.S.), Vanuatu was hard-pressed to address the devastation caused last spring by Pam and it was forced to rely heavily on foreign aid.

New Caledonia helps Vanuatu school after Pam

It is giving US$228,000 dollars to the Lycée de Montmartre Catholic school which lost over 50 percent of its buildings during Cyclone Pam in March this year.

A delegation from the Southern Province, led by President Philippe Michel, arrives in Port Vila today to sign the financing agreement.


Vanuatu electoral officials work to stop double registration

The principal electoral officer, Charles Vatu, says voters who need new cards for January's election should go to their local registration officers to have their identity verified.

He says the office has taken measures to prevent what happened in the 2012 election, where people voted multiple times using multiple cards.

Vatu says he expects double registration will still be an issue this election, but in an effort to manage it, everyone who wishes to case a proxy vote has to be personally certified by himself.

Decision on constitutional case on Wed

The date was set by Justice Dudley Aru after hearing the application from the 25 applicants who were former opposition MPs, a newly MP-elect, as well as the president’s legal counsel and the Attorney General.

TVET joins disability day in Motalava

Staff of the Torba TVET Centre at Sola on Vanualava showed support by joining the Provincial Disability Committee including the Disability Desk Officers under the Ministry of Justice in a parade to Telhei School where the event was held.

Speeches centred on promoting inclusion and the rights of people with disabilities.

PMO says ministers were appointed before dissolution

The Prime Minister’s Office said, “Minister Samsen and Minister Moli were appointed several hours before the President dissolved Parliament otherwise the State Law office would not officiate the swearing in of the Ministers.”

A statement was issued after the former Opposition group questioned the legality of appointment of the new ministers.

Climate Change Minister holds bilateral meetings in Paris

Vanuatu is a member of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), Least Developed Countries (LDC), PSIDs and G77.

Eight Pacific Islanders off to meet the Queen

They are among 60 young people from around the Commonwealth to receive a Queen's Young Leaders Award.

The winners aged between 18 and 29 are working to support others, raise awareness and inspire change on a variety of issues including climate change, gender equality and mental health.

Vanuatu "integrity crisis" gravely concerning

The group is marking International Anti-Corruption day today with a call for political reform.

Its chairman Willie Tokon says the group retains faith in the country's judicial system but he says a new parliament to be ushered in next year needs to bring in sweeping changes to the way politics is conducted in Vanuatu.

Dr Tokon says TI Vanuatu has three key requirements, starting with laws to regulate parties and independents, including their financing.