Two confirmed dengue cases in Vanuatu

In a statement to update the public on the current dengue situation in Vanuatu, the Ministry of Health (MoH) conveyed that the two cases confirmed at VCH had recently traveled to Santo while the two confirmed at NPH had no travel history outside of Santo.

Two samples have been confirmed to be DENV-2 serotype, the same ones detected during the 2016-2017, 2018 and 2019 dengue outbreak, which affected all provinces of Vanuatu.

According to the MoH, if no new dengue serotype is introduced, the current outbreak should not be as important as the one occurred in 2016-2017.

Vanuatu Head of State declares extension of State of Emergency

The declaration was issued on the advice of the Council of Ministers (COM).

The Declaration of State of Emergency Order No. 70 of 2020, states:

"In Exercise of the powers conferred on me by subsection 32(1) of the Disaster Risk Management Act Mo. 23 of 2019, I, His Excellency Tallis Obed Moses, President of the Republic of Vanuatu, on the advice of the Council of Ministers, make the following Declaration of State of Emergency.

"1. Extension of the Declaration of State of Emergency

China reaffirms continued commitment to the development of Vanuatu and her people

And the volume of assistance to Vanuatu is bigger than any other Pacific countries.

When delivering the Chinese Premier's congratulatory message to PM Loughman, Ambassador Zhou said China will stand ready to work with his government.

PM Loughman thanked the Ambassador for delivering the congratulatory message from his colleague in Beijing.

"I agree that our relationship has improved to new heights. And as part of the relationship, I want to reiterate my Government's stand to continue to support your One China Policy" he said.

Vanuatu and France eye closer cooperation

Fournier met Prime Minister, Bob Loughman Tuesday in Port Vila.

They have expressed common views that Vanuatu and France are brothers for a long time, even before Vanuatu's independence in 1980.

PM Loughman assured Ambassador Fournier that Vanuatu will continue to engage with France directly or through New Caledonia to enhance their cordial relationship and promote each others interests.

Qualification for Vanuatu employment stabilization payment COVID-19

The policy also clarifies those sectors that partly qualify and those that are not eligible for assistance for ESP.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Johnny Koanapo Rasou, said the Ministry through its dedicated ESP Team is mandated to assess all applications based on these criteria to confirm their eligibility. 

MTTCNVB supports increased content of local agricultural produce in TC Harold disaster response

The contract allows for the supply processed and frozen root crops, fruits and vegetables to the  Food and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) secretariat for onward distribution to communities affected by cyclone Harold.

This is in addition to other suppliers currently supplying a variety of food products coordinated through FSAC.

Vanuatu Bureau of Standards establishes laboratory in Luganville

Until April 28 2020, all quality tests undertaken for food, drinks and other bi-products are done in the Port Vila laboratory.

According to VBS Chief Executive Officer Ruth Amos, the lab based at Agriculture College will benefit most producers up North, especially kava producers who export their products overseas.

Upon VBS request, the Board of the Vanuatu Agriculture College gave the go- ahead to use an empty laboratory at the college to house VBS equipment, which will be used to conduct quality tests.

Mobile Markets a new way to sell local produce in Vanuatu

Mobile market is an initiative introduced by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) as an opportunity for market vendors to sell fresh local produce to people at their door step.

Reports received from the Assistant Agriculture Officer (AAO) for West Tanna, Isaac Iaruel, stated that mobile market has become a popular activity for Tanna farmers.

“Farmers take up this activity at their own expenses to deliver fresh local produce according to negotiations and deals that the farmers have with their relatives who were married to other parts of Tanna.

Fishing gear to help Vanuatu villagers affected by TC Harold

The director of coastal fisheries, Sompert Gereva, said the gear will allow villagers to fish for protein, and will complement relief supplies which are slowly being sent.

Mr Gereva said the category five cyclone destroyed forests, gardens and bird life which remote villagers often depend on for food.

"It's an effort to try and bring back the communities' lifestyle in terms of accessing the fresh fish. They need it most to supplment the food rations that's given out by the government."

Sompert Gereva said the government is looking at buying more fishing gear.

TRBR Social Club donates food to Pentecost

A team representing the TRBR Social Club  handed over the donation to members of Port Vila/Pentecost Mwebalehan community at Anabrou in Port Vila.

President of TRBR Social Club, Ritchie Melve confirmed that a similar donation of aid will be made in the coming weeks to other communities that have been severely affected by TC Harold.

Items donated included rice, sugar, biscuit crackers and noodles.

TRBR Social Club was established a few months ago. This is the first donation of its kind to the community affected by a natural disaster in Vanuatu.