Vanuatu set to extend state of emergency over rhinoceros beetle

The beetle damages coconut plantations.

The Daily Post newspaper reported the state of emergency was was due to end today.

However, the Ministry of Agriculture's Phillip Meto said the destruction of beetle breeding sites had not been completed and the emergency could be extended.

Two teams operating on a $US467,000 budget have been sent out to the affected area which includes Lelepa Island.

The operation involves destroying breeding sites, spreading community awareness and implementing quarantine zones.

Vanuatu’s Sanma farmers receive noble kava variety

According to the department, more than 19,100 branches of kava or kava cuttings mostly of the noble variety were distributed to interested farmers on Santo and Malo island.


Disaster aid needs to target vulnerable - UN Women

Gender and protection advisor for UN Women in Vanuatu, Nim Khuman, said a disaster response should assess the needs of different groups, especially those who are vulnerable.

Women and girls are particularly at risk in these situations but disability, age, sexual orientation, income levels and location can also affect how people cope with disasters, she said.

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes between Vanuatu, Solomon Islands

There were no immediate reports of damages or casualties from the quake, which the agency said hit at a depth of 17km, about 475km north of the island of Santo, on Tuesday (local time).

That is between Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

There was no tsunami warning, advisory, watch or threat put into place.

The USGS had earlier placed the quake location east of the Solomon Islands provincial capital of Kira-Kira.


Vanmel Community Association participates in vegetable training

The training was facilitated by the Vegetable Specialist of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Heggar Molisa, with the assistance of Nursery Worker, Morry Watek.

DARD confirmed that the one-day training includes theory and practical sessions.

Vanmel Community Association (VCA) was established in 2010 to oversee the governance and needs of people in the community. Vanmel community consist of villages in the island of Pentecost namely Letor, Nokobujuka, Nokonbok, Onlap, Nokonkaop, Savat, Vanbok, Salevakal, Levaka, and Lewuk villages.

Fuel depot for Vanuatu's Pentecost

This means islanders no longer have to import drums of petrol and diesel from other islands.

The depot, which operates through solar power and with a generator on standby, was jointly launched by Pacific Energy - the sole supplier of fuel to Vanuatu, and Prime Minister Charlot Salwai - who comes from Pentecost.

The Daily Post newspaper reported Solar Energy chief executive Randell Valette saying the depot is a "game changer" with Pentecost vehicle owners now paying 45 percent less to transport kava.

Vanuatu to host next Pacific Island Forum

 At last week's summit in Tuvalu it was announced that Vanuatu would host in 2020, Fiji in 2021 and Kiribati in 2022.

7 candidates to contest Efate rural constituency by-election

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Martin Tete named the candidates and their respective political parties in the local media Friday night.

In an official publication, the Electoral Commission said “political campaigns have commenced last Friday the 16th of August and will close, midnight 30th August 2019."

Tete said he would like to remind political parties and individual candidates that precautions must be taken during the campaign period to avoid corrupt and prohibited practices as covered under the parliamentary election laws.

New Caledonia students visit Vanuatu Tagabe Agriculture Farm

Their tour to Vanuatu was part of their agriculture studies.

The main purpose of the students visit was to obtain general information on agriculture in Vanuatu and explore the Vanuatu traditions and cultural ways of living.

The students also met with local farmers to exchange ideas, dialogue and see how organic farming is done in Vanuatu, which is new to them compared to farming in New Caledonia.

There were visits to the main local Port Vila market, livestock farmers and processing companies like Alternative Communities Trade in Vanuatu, ACTIV.

Sexual health services vital for rural Vanuatu women

The report by Family Planning New Zealand called Planem Gud Famili Blong Yumi was released this week in Vanuatu and New Zealand.

Researchers interviewed villagers in the Big Bay Bush area of Espiritu Santo about their sexual health needs.

New Zealand Family Planning researcher Kate Burry says many women spoke of a lack of personal choice, deferring decisions about sex to their partner or wider family.