2 former Vanuatu Ministers donate gratitude payment to Torba province

The now Members of Parliament are Matai Seremaiah of Luganville constituency and MP Jotham Napat of Tanna Constituency.

Seremaiah was emotional during his trip to the Torba province earlier this year where he found out that all the big villages on the larger islands of Gaua, Vanualava and Motalava have not been served well in the past.

Two brand new public sanitation facilities opened in Port Vila

The facility at Independence Park houses toilets and hand washing basins for women and men as well as wheelchair accessible facilities. There is also an outdoor laundry basin for athletes to rinse off sports equipment. 

Vanuatu Cricket Association has agreed to manage the long-term operation and maintenance of the facility as they also manage the Independence park sports field.

The facility at Fatumaru Park houses toilets and hand washing basins for women and men as well as wheelchair accessible facilities.

Vanuatu TRBR Regulator's contract ends

Ms. Baniala was the first Ni – Vanuatu female staff who had been recruited to the Office when it was first established in 2008 and was appointed to the Regulator position in 2015.

“She has successfully completed her three (3) year term as per the Legislation and her contract signed with the Office of the Prime Minister who is responsible for the Telecommunications Sector in Vanuatu”

Maritime boundaries: Vanuatu to learn from Timor

Timor Leste signed a treaty with Australia this year resolving a long-standing boundary dispute.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Timor's chief negotiator on maritime boundaries, Xanana Gusmao, met this week in Port Vila.

A government statement said Mr Salwai wants Vanuatu to learn from Mr Gusmao, who mentioned Vanuatu's support for his country's fight for independence.

Mr Gusmao suggested Vanuatu raise the issue of maritime boundaries at the United Nations.

Vanuatu held talks this year with France over the Matthew and Hunter islands.

Demonstration of backyard gardening for Vanuatu’s volcano evacuees

The Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) in Vanuatu has funded the training which was conducted by Sanma Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC).

Most of the evacuation sites accommodating the evacuees from Ambae have been covered in the programme.

“The awareness, training and setting up of backyard gardening including sharing of vegetable seeds on various evacuation sites throughout Sanma,” a statement said.

Tsunami waves cause flooding in low lying areas of Vanuatu

An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 located South East of Mare of Loyalty islands and at a depth of 69 km Thursday afternoon triggered the tsunami.

Aneituym and Aniwa islands in Vanuatu experienced the tsunami waves.

An aftershock of 6.6 Magnitude located at South East of Mare (Loyalty islands) and 40 km depth occurred at 17:43pm.

Vanuatu’s southern islands of Aneityum, Aniwa and South Tanna will continue to expect aftershocks and possible tsunami waves to travel.

Vanuatu celebrates International Day of People with Disabilities

Oxfam in Vanuatu, through the Vanuatu Civil Society Disability Network (VCSDN), joined partners to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities.

The celebrations began with a parade from the Fung Kuei parking lot up to the Saraklana Park where invited quests from the private and public sector, including the Director of the Correctional Service, Johnny Marango, made important speeches to commemorate the day.

Vanuatu MP publicly accuses opposition of forgery

A special session of parliament will be called today to hear the motion with the opposition claiming to have the support of 30 of the 52 MPs in parliament.

This is despite several government MPs, whose names appear on the motion, claiming their signatures have been forged.

The MP for Malo/Aore constituency, Uri Warawara, has presented copies of his signature and passport to the Vanuatu Daily Post as proof that they are different from the marks on the motion documents.

Solar water system for Vanuatu’s Melemaat Primary School

The Australian-funded solar water system will help over 600 students, school staff and families access clean water.

The installation will change the school community’s everyday life.

The Australian High Commission funded the materials through its Direct Aid Program (DAP).

Each year, thousands of Ni-Vanuatu see their lives improved thanks to the support of DAP.

The DAP is designed to address humanitarian hardships in rural and peri-urban communities in Vanuatu.

Asphalt work on Vanuatu’s Bauerfield runway

The existing asphalt surface which has been there since it was overlaid 18 years ago in 2000 has now been ripped up and replaced at the northern end of the runway.

The works include expanding the turning node at the northern end of the runway, to allow for ICAO compliance Code E aircrafts such as the B777/B787 Series, or even A330 aircrafts.

The airfield lighting upgrade works have commenced with the installation of new service pits for the new LED lighting system.