Vanuatu health ministry warns about fake remedies

The Ministry is reminding people with these conditions that these products have not undergone the same level of clinical assessment as medicines prescribed by doctors.

It said prescribed medicines should not be stopped unless there's advice from a doctor or nurse.

A statement from the Ministry said most of the products are promoted, sometimes untruthfully, as cures or health aids for patients.

It said the products were often expensive and for this reason people think they must be good.

Big marijuana bust in Vanuatu

Highlighted on the front page of the Daily Post as "Blacksands Pot Bust", the uprooted plants filled an entire police van.

Police have arrested two men from Tanna thought to be the growers.

Another two men were also arrested on Tanna for planting marijuana.

It is against the law to cultivate, use or sell marijuana in Vanuatu.


Malampa plans long term options for volcano evacuees

Hundreds of people from four villages in South East Ambrym have been relocated to safe zones on Ambrym after eruptions of the island's twin volcanoes destroyed homes.

Vanuatu's Geohazards Department said the island's two volcanoes Mount Marum and Mount Benbow were at alert level 3 indicating a minor eruption state.

Malampa's Provincial Secretary General, Neil Netaf, said his team was working with chiefs and landowners on neighbouring Malekula to identify safe zones to become evacuation centres.

Kingdom Builders team visits Vanuatu’s Tagabe Agriculture Farm

Kingdom Builders, consist of young men from different denominations on Vanua Lava, Banks.

These young men were given the opportunity to visit Tagabe Agriculture farm in Port Vila on Wednesday.

Nepotism concerns prompt change to Vanuatu police recruitment

The minister for national security Andrew Napuat said a policy paper to amend the Police Act has been prepared including removing the power to select recruits from the Police Commissioner and his team.

The Daily Post said the new policy sought to appoint an independent body to take over the responsibility.

The minister said the amendment was necessary to stop nepotism or what he refers to as "family business".

The minister said the amended Police Act would ensure new recruits come from all six provinces.


Westfield Junior Matildas to tour Vanuatu in 2019

The tour will see the Westfield Junior Matildas travel to a number of countries in the Pacific, including Vanuatu, to participate in international friendly matches against counterpart Pacific women’s national teams.

While in the Pacific, the team will support the growth of women’s football and build relationships across the region through the delivery of coaching clinics and community engagement activities, as well as collaborate with Australian High Commissions and Embassies in-country.

Agriculture Business Plan, Roadmap for Agriculture Development in Vanuatu

Mr Naviti made the statement during the official opening of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) annual planning retreat on Friday last week.

He said the MALFFB has Corporate polices, overarching productive policies for productive sectors, which have expired and work is in progress to develop another one for the next four years, different sector policies under different department and other policies.

Vanuatu’s human rights record to be reviewed by Universal Periodic Review

Vanuatu is one of the 14 States to be reviewed by the UPR Working Group during its upcoming session taking place from 21 January to 1 February.

According to a UN advisory, Vanuatu’s’ first and second UPR reviews took place in May 2009 and January 2014, respectively.

The documents on which the reviews are based are the national report which is information provided by the State under review as well as information contained in the reports of independent human rights experts and groups, known as the Special Procedures, human rights treaty bodies, and other UN entities.

Vanuatu principals and teachers advised to be in schools on 4 Feb

“This date is not for students to start getting to schools. Instead it should be time for orientation, induction, awareness and to get students into classrooms and to begin to have the first lessons,” Obed said.

He has also encouraged parents and guardians to prepare their children and get them to travel to schools.

Obed added that schools must prepare for disasters which may occur this year.

Vanuatu's first whooping cough case of 2019 reported in Port Vila

It is the first whooping cough case of this year.

The victim was hospitalized at Vila Central Hospital (VCH) where the infection was confirmed by laboratory testing.

Whooping cough is a bacterial infection caused by Bordetella pertussis.

The bacteria lives in the mouth, nose and throat.

The first symptoms generally appear 7-10 days after contact with an infected person and symptoms include mild fever, runny nose and cough.

This can make it hard for the infected person to breathe.