Ambaeans told not to go back to their island

The state of emergency on Ambae was lifted on Monday but the Manaro volcano remains at alert level two on the five stage scale.

A government press release said people should not go back to the island and that chiefs of Ambae would be held responsible for members of their communities that returned.

Ambaeans should concentrate their efforts on building a second home on a neighbouring island, it said.

Government workers will not be sent back to Ambae because their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Communist Party of China congratulates new Vanua’aku Party President Loughman

“I congratulate you on your election and I wish the VP under your leadership a greater success,” said the Vice Minister of International Department Central Committee of the CPC, Guo Yezhou.

He stressed that Vanuatu is China’s friend and partner in the Pacific region and the Vanua’aku Party has played a positive role in promoting social and economic development in Vanuatu.

“Your Party has also contributed to maintaining and developing China – Vanuatu relations,” Mr Guo said.

Vanuatu court reviewing dismissal of no confidence motion

The motion was brought last week by the opposition, which said 30 MPs in the 52 seat house, including government MPs and cabinet ministers, had signed.

Speaker Esmon Saimon declared the motion out of order, saying the date chosen for the extra-ordinary session of parliament to hold the vote, Friday this week, clashed with the parliamentary schedule.

Mr Saimon also challenged the validity of the signatures.

Ambae evacuees wait for permission to return

About 10,000 Ambaeans were evacuated from the island about four months ago due to volcanic activity and have been living on neighbouring islands, including Santo and Maewo.

RNZ Pacific understands the Vanuatu Council of Ministers will meet today to decide whether to send Ambaeans back to the island.

The government's state of emergency has ended however, the island might not be safe for occupation.

The Manaro volcano on Ambae remains at alert level two, which means an eruption is possible.

Uncertainty remains for displaced Ambaeans

Penama provincial councillor James Bari has been living on Santo since the government ordered the evacuation of about 10,000 people from Ambae four months ago because of volcanic activity.

Mr Bari said the government had planned to lift the state of emergency on Ambae today but Ambaeans had not been updated.

"Until today we haven't heard anything yet from the government, and [do not know] whether the government will allow us to go back, or not yet. That's a big question all of us are asking now."

Vanuatu Speaker dismisses motion of no confidence

The leader of the opposition Ishmael Kalsakau submitted the motion yesterday morning with signatures from 30 of the 52 MPs in Vanuatu's parliament.

But the speaker Esmon Saimon told the Vanuatu Daily Post last night he declared the motion not in order because the date requested for an extraordinary session of parliament to hear the motion clashed with parliament's schedule.

An opposition spokesperson said they would be challenging the speaker's decision in court.

Ambae evacuees receive cash through Oxfam programme

More than 30 beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme were taken to the bank Thursday where they cashed their cheques.

Registration of other families from Ambae who are temporarily living on Santo are continuing.

Evacuees on Maewo island will also be assisted.

The displaced families will be able to food, hygiene supplies and pay school fees for the next three months.

The government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the roughly 10,000 people on Ambae in August due to volcanic activity.

Vanuatu women sports journos ready to make history

The duo will be the first women to commentate the Oceania Football Confederation Women’s Nations Cup final in the Bislama language live on Sunday.

Willie says the opportunity to commentate will surely open a lot of doors for women back in Vanuatu.

“We don’t have any female commentators back home. And even the male commentators only broadcast only the local games and we get the international commentators for international matches.”

“And as a woman to be given the opportunity to broadcast an international match is an accomplishment itself,” Willie said.

Port Vila residents urged to register their dogs

The Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) has issued a notice of the registration period.

The council said it made the move as a result of the ongoing nuisances around Port Vila City which is a violation to the No Noise after 9pm.

PVMC said it will enforce the Dog Registration By-Law 02 of 1992 to tackle stray dogs that roam the streets in the night – another nuisance- that disturbs the peace and tranquility of Port Vila after 9pm.

Vanuatu calls for fossil fuel companies to pay for climate change

Speaking at the Virtual Climate Summit on Thursday, Ralph Regenvanu said Vanuatu had benefited the least from fossil fuels, but been ravaged as a result of their emissions.

Mr Regenvanu said he was putting the fossil fuel industry and the states that sponsor it on notice.