Vanuatu Government leadership faces uphill battle

The document was deposited at the Office of the Clerk of Parliament today.

Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau has confirmed that thirty Members of Parliament (MP) have signed the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

The Opposition bloc has given the Speaker of Parliament 7 days’ notice to debate the motion.

Among the signatories in the notice to the Speaker of Parliament are two GJP parliamentarians and one VP parliamentarian who have joined the Opposition bloc.

Vanuatu opposition files motion of no confidence

Ishmael Kalsakau said he had secured the support of 22 opposition MPs and 8 government MPs for the motion in the 52 seat parliament.

There have been multiple unsuccessful attempts previously to try and remove Mr Salwai and last week, amid rumours of an impending vote, he expressed confidence he had the backing of 35 MPs.

But Mr Kalsakau said an extraordinary sitting of parliament has been requested for November 29 to hear the motion.

Vanuatu MPs say signatures on motion of no confidence forged

In a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, the MPs have asked that their names not be considered part of any such motion brought before the house.

The MPs named in the letter are Hon. Christophe Hogtermon Emelee, Hon. Jack Wona, Hon. Tom Noam Iouniwan, Hon. Kalo Pakoasongi Lawo, Hon. Don Ken Stephen and Hon.Jack Norris Kalmet.

The four men, who have crossed the floor to join the government, said they believe their signatures had been forged from previous no confidence motions.

UNDP and Japanese government help Vanuatu

The equipment includes hand and power tools for about 500 workers and associated protective gear.

The workers can be mobilized to undertake rehabilitation of community infrastructure or activities such as debris removal and solid waste management. The equipment will also be used to support basic carpentry training for youths.

VANGO appeals to CSO’s to restock evacuees food supplies

The call comes following media reports that food supplies had run out at an evacuation centre at Sarabulu Church in Port Vila– prompting the urgent need to replenish the supply.

At its urgent meeting, the VANGO team assessed the situation of the evacuation centre and confirmed the need for restocking of food.

Vanuatu tourism permits for 2019

These businesses include hotels, resorts, motels, bungalows, cultural villages, and tour /transfer operators within the six provinces that meet the minimum standards.

Pelam explained that there are two permits, Conditional Permits and Full Permits.

The Conditional Permits are for six months only to work on their short falls and then get a full permit for two years. However, the Conditional Permits can't be renewed.

Vanuatu joins INTERPOL

Vanuatu and Kiribati were approved at a meeting of INTERPOL's General Assembly in Dubai this week.

The agency coordinates data sharing between law enforcement around the world.

Other Pacific Island members include Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Samoa and the Solomon Islands.


Vanuatu fisheries and Police Maritime officers undergo VMS training

The training was done through the assistance of the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and conducted by the FFA VMS Manager, Ramesh Chand and the FFA VMS Technical Personnel, Daniel Koroi.

The VMS is a cost effective satellite-based tool for the successful monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) of Fisheries activities.

It provides the Fisheries Department with accurate and timely information about the location and activity of all regulated fishing vessels.

House building to get underway for displaced Ambaeans

About 10,000 people were evacuated from Ambae three months ago to escape the impact of an erupting volcano.

Many have been temporarily housed on Maewo and the Vanuatu Government, with help from New Zealand, is starting a programme to provide proper housing.

New Zealand is giving $US77,262 for building materials for 22 houses, six shared toilets, and a community rainwater harvesting system.

Vanuatu opposition MP plays down motion talk

Ishmael Kalsakau told the Daily Post the opposition has a total of sixteen MPs, following the defection of the Leaders Party from the coalition government amid a cabinet reshuffle.

However, Mr Salwai still holds a clear majority in the 52-seat parliament.

Mr Kalsakau again responded to reports of an imminent motion by saying the opposition would only table one when it has the numbers to pass it.

Last week, Mr Kalsakau told RNZ Pacific he was working to develop a perfect team.