Vanuatu’s Galaxy FC to resume training schedules

The head coach Batram Suri and other overseas-based players are in the country except for Terence Carter, who is currently in Australia.

The team made a milestone achievement in the pool rounds of the OFC Champions League in Papua New Guinea in February and have qualified for the quarter-finals.

The OFC Champions League quarter-final was scheduled to be held in New Zealand this month, but it has been postponed to next year due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Melsisi FSAC Team provides local food and planting materials to Central Pentecost

The distributions have been ongoing since April 19, 2020 after the Emergency Operation Centre was activated.

Reports received from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) officers on the ground said local food supplies and planting materials were sourced from the demonstration plot located at Sara, North Pentecost.

Over 6,000 sweet potato (kumala) cuttings, over 100 island cabbage branches and 100-plus hybrid cassava plants were harvested with tubers weighing approximately 792 kilos.

Digicel provides free access to Education Ministry’s website with online educational resources

Following the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) worldwide outbreak, the MoET has requested schools across the country to prepare home schooling packages. Those packages will be made available online on the MoET website to support learning for all grade levels including early childhood. The information is designed to provide families a better understanding of how children learn and provides practical activities families can use each day at home.

Zumba TC Harold Appeal raises Vt147,000 for victims

The appeal also collected kind donations like clothes, kitchen utensils and food items that will be distributed to the affected victims of TC Harold.

Coordinator Anolyn Lulu said they are grateful for all the support.

“I would like to thank everyone for attending the “Zumba with Anolyn ZUMBATON Appeal for TC Harold Survivors”.

“Thanks to everyone for their donations. Special thanks to the following for their financial support,” she said.

“BRED BANK Social Club for their continuous support.”

Vanuatu govt to reprint home schooling material in Bislama

Bislama is spoken nation-wide in Vanuatu, while English or French are more common in different parts, though all three are recognised officially.

Early childhood administration officer Dorine Lessy said the materials will be reprinted after parents said they were experiencing difficulty with the English and French materials.

"So now the ministry already prepared the Bislama version to help the parents who are speaking English or French to monitor their children or child at home."

Dorine Lessy said nation-wide distribution should begin next month.


Vanuatu to host solidarity concert to fundraise for TC Harold victims

The concert has been organised by the Alliance Française.

The concert will feature artists suchs as Tio, Groovy Banana, Stan Antas, Yosh Shing and Dropvkal.

Further highlights will include a food stand, kava and drinks.

Alliance Française Director Georges Cumbo said solidarity is one of the important values adopted by the Francophonie.

“Alliance Française, as a local association, intends to participate with its modest means in the national effort,” he added.

Vanuatu’s Malekula Island temporary lockdown lifted

The lockdown imposed on Sunday was lifted yesterday (Wednesday, 29 April).

NDMO Director Abraham Nasak said the Ministry of Health carried out an epidemiology investigation and the findings concluded that there is no COVID-19 infection on the ship and therefore there the risk of importing the virus is minimal.

The cargo ship Amazin from the Philippines has been cleared to continue its voyage to the next port of destination.

70% decline in full-time employment in Vanuatu tourism industry

The results are compiled in a joint survey on the impact of the novel coronavirus that was conducted by the Vanuatu Tourism Office and Ministry of Tourism.

Vanuatu’s Tourism office said these businesses also reported that marketing, product development and financial management were the three main areas where they needed assistance with because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Seven elections petitions registered with Vanuatu Supreme Court

The Chief Registrar said the petitions are the result of a conference held by the Supreme Court over the past week.

The conference is satisfied enough there is a case to be heard in each of the petitions.

There are three government ministers and the current Speaker of Parliament who will be defendants in the election petitions.

Monday was the last day to submit electoral petitions.


Vanuatu man could face punishment for triggering Malekula lockdown

Malekula has been on lockdown since Sunday after the ship was found to have gone there to collect copra and had interacted with the community.

Authorities ordered the Filipino vessel to Port Vila where it was found to be coronavirus-free.

Under current Covid-19 measures, ships were allowed to come to Vanuatu, but human interaction was prohibited between crew members and locals.

The Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonda, said although the ship had been cleared, a Malekula man who boarded the boat had other issues to deal with.