Virgin Australia

Flights to Vanuatu drop to $449 return on Virgin Australia

It's one of the cheapest international destination in the sale (only beaten by flights to Dunedin) and with return fares starting at $449 return.

Flights from Brisbane for $449 return, from Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide for $499 return and from Cairns for $649 return.

Flights are available between 10 June and 20 July 2019. And if people prefer to hold off a tad to organize or work on that holiday fund, flights are also available between 1 February and 7 March 2020.


Hoax broadcasts made to passenger planes in Melbourne

The illegal broadcasts were made over several weeks at Melbourne's main Tullamarine and Avalon airports, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said.

Local media reported a portable radio may have been used to interfere with air traffic control.

The incidents did not pose a continuing threat to safety, the AFP said.

ABC News reported that a Virgin Australia plane changed altitude before aborting its landing after receiving instructions from a mystery person on 27 October.

Virgin Australia to resume Vanuatu service

RNZ reports services were suspended suddenly on Monday after a gap opened in the runway, only three months after repairs were completed.

In January, Air New Zealand, Qantas and Virgin Australia suspended their services over concerns about the safety of the runway.

The announcement saw the country's new government scramble to re-negotiate a World Bank loan to carry out emergency repairs which were completed in April.

Those repairs were supposed to last for as long as a year while the government sought a more permanent solution.

Virgin halts flights to Vanuatu indefinitely

According to RNZ, the airline says it won't be flying until it has greater confidence in the maintenance of the runway, after staff spotted a hole in it on Monday.

Staff have been conducting regular inspections since remedial works were completed earlier this year.

The works were a temporary measure ahead of a full renovation funded by the World Bank which is hoped to take place this year.

When concerns were raised about the runway in January, Air New Zealand and Virgin halted flights, and Virgin began flying again in May following the repairs.

Vanuatu-bound Virgin flight cancelled due to renewed Bauerfield runway concerns

"Flight VA171 between Brisbane and Port Vila returned to Brisbane [and] VA170 was cancelled after we became aware that the state of the runway had deteriorated," the airline said in a statement on Monday.

"A full inspection will be carried out by Virgin Australia engineers [on Tuesday] ... prior to determination as to whether services to Vanuatu can continue.

"Safety is always our number one priority and we do apologise for the inconvenience."

Virgin Australia resumes services to Vanuatu

The first flight from Brisbane yesterday marks the resumption of the airline’s three times weekly service to Bauerfield.

Airports Vanuatu CEO Jason Rakau is pleased the airline can resume flights to Port Vila.

“We are glad to see the Virgin tail back at our gateway airport and look forward to working closely with all our client airlines to ensure their continued services to Vanuatu”.

Airlines returning to Vanuatu

“Safety is always our number one priority and we will continue to monitor the runway to ensure that it remains suitable for operations,” Virgin Australia said.

The airline offers three flights a week from Brisbane.

Virgin Australia plans return to Vanuatu

The Australian carrier’s first flight to Port Vila since suspending service to the popular tourist destination in January due to concerns about the runway is planned for May 23. Virgin will fly three times a week between Brisbane and Port Vila with Boeing 737-800s.

Virgin keen to run flights to Vanuatu, but others hold off

On Virgin's website, the carrier is taking bookings for flights from May the 23rd.

Those flights will be subject to the independent assessments, and Virgin's confidence that the runway will be appropriately maintained.

Virgin prepared to resume flights to Vanuatu

RNZI reports the US$1.2 million repair work, which began in late February, was carried out after safety concerns about the runway in January led to the suspension of all Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand flights.

Works to repair the runway were completed on Monday, with the New Zealand contractor Fulton Hogan completed resurfacing work, crack sealing and line markings.