Vanuatu students evacuated from Wuhan arrive home safely

The students were welcomed by Caretaker Minister, Ralph Regenvanu and other officials in Port Vila.

The students were evacuated from Wuhan, China and they completed their 14 day quarantine period in Darwin, Australia.

The Vanuatu Government expressed gratitude to the Australian Government for evacuating the students evacuated from Wuhan.


Photo Foreign Affairs Ministry Facebook 


Wuhan not as dangerous as reported, according to Fijian student

Varun Kapoor said misinformation about the deadly coronavirus is spreading as fast as the disease.

He said an epidemic of fake news is appearing online and people need to be cautious about what they hear and read on social media.

"It's not like a complete lockdown. I still go out, take my regular afternoon walks for an hour and come back to my dormitory. I go for regular shopping."

"There's this misconception. I think the media has painted Wuhan as zombieland - that is not actually the case," he said.


Vanuatu students evacuated from Wuhan

According to the Vanuatu Foreign Affairs Ministry, the students are onboard a special charter flight.

The students will be kept under quarantine in Darwin for 14 days before they can return home to Vanuatu.

The Ministry has thanked the Australian Government for providing seats for them on the flight.

Wuhan is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

The death toll in china has reached 811.

The number of confirmed infections rose to 37,198, according to China’s National Health Commission.