‘Ademap kala’ kits arrived in Port Vila

The World Vision Office in Port Vila has received 2500 ‘Ademap kala’ kits that will be used to encourage children to eat more local food.

“The kits will be used towards the goal of tackling the “double burden of disease” (stunting in children and obesity in adults) in Vanuatu by encouraging more nutritious foods in Pacific-appropriate portions for children, pregnant women and adults through simple but effective messaging”

‘Ademap Kala’ literally means adding color to a meal will increase its nutritional value for anyone, a message which is easily understood by young and old with any level of literacy.

The kits funded by the Australian Government, are made up of simple tools such as plates with portion markers, cups and mugs with simple nutrition reminders like “Don’t put too much sugar in your tea” and

“Drink Fresh Juice” (as opposed to the ubiquitous cordial) and will assist people to practice campaign messaging easily and with pleasure.

The kits also include an ‘Ademap Kala’ shopping bag, a refreshed cook book and poster.

The Peace Corps will also assist in distributing 500 of these kits to people in fifteen different islands throughout Vanuatu.


Photo supplied. Caption: Plates with portion markers



Tensly Sumbe
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