500,000vt fine for drunk drivers

Police in Port Vila say the traffic unit will enforce the VT500,000 fine to any driver caught under the influence of alcohol.

According to the process in-place, any driver caught disrespecting traffic laws, will be issued a fine ticket by the police.

The vehicle will be confiscated and detained by the police for 10 days, after which the vehicle will be returned while court case is being processed.

The Police and Land Transport Association through the Ministerial Order Authorities, is responsible for issuing public vehicle permits and public vehicle drivers permit.

“When penalized drivers who do not pay fine, Land Transport Authorities suspends their drivers permit and notifies the police.” Said Sergeant Edward Kalura.

There was a drink and drive incident on Wednesday last week concerning a local taxi driver operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Traffic police officer, said the driver was arrested by the police and was detained in cell 6 under the police custody.

The driver was released the next day with an on the spot fine of 500,000vt while the vehicle was confiscated by the police.

Sergeant Edward Kalura said in the past three weeks, the police have issued more than 10 fine tickets but the Land Transport Authorities still has not issued any suspension of permits for the 10 drivers involved.

“So far over the weekend, there’s no accidents. This is because traffic officers have step-up their operations; doing traffic escorts, increase patrols, checking illegal parking’s, driver’s licences, vehicle light checks, permits and traffic circulations

“I also want to re-emphasize the importance of cooperating with traffic laws as Vila traffic is unpredictable.

Vehicle drivers must always drive responsibly for prevention is better than cure” said Sergeant Edward Kalura.


Pic Caption: Police patrol in Port Vila town 



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