Agritourism Forum focuses on local market production in Vanuatu

A full-day Agritourism Forum to engage farmers who are ready to supply their produce to the domestic hotels, resorts and restaurants was held in Vanuatu.

The theme of the forum was “From Farm to Table” and it focused on the available markets in Port Vila, Tanna and Luganville.

Farmers and stakeholders raised issues concerning the production standards, quality and quantity of produce, domestic market access and competition at the forum.

Issues such as registration of farmer’s associations, price control of the goods and lack of market data information was also discussed.

In his opening remarks of the forum, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry. Fisheries and Biosecurity Matai Seremaiah emphasized on the importance of using ICT in connecting agriculture and tourism and the need to legislate the sector to protect local markets and to boost production and supply that meets markets requirements.

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Tourism and Ni Vanuatu Business in Vanuatu.

The sponsors for this forum were Vanuatu Agriculture Development Bank (VADB) and Colorite Graphics Printers.

Vanuatu also hosted the Pacific Week of Agriculture this year.



Photo supplied by DARD Facebook

Anishma Prasad