Dream comes true for young Vanuatu farmer

Sam Katmatum hails from central Tanna in Vanuatu and is currently residing at Teouma where he has his agriculture farming project.

The 19-year-old farmer was inspired to start investing in agriculture after attending ‘Ready for Business’ programme offered by Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV).

Katmatum had dreams to complete his education, secure employment and support himself and his family.

He attended Kwatabaren school on Tanna but had to drop out due to financial difficulties.

In 2018, Katmatum attended the ‘Ready for Business’ programme.

“This training has taught me a lot of things from how to start a business to business management. This is one of the first trainings I attended after I left school,” he said.

Under the ‘Ready for Business’ programme successful young people are equipped with VT40,000 to start a small business.

Katmatum was one of the young people that was able to receive the fund.

“After receiving VT40,000, I spent the money in purchasing agriculture tools, nursery materials and seeds.”

Katmatum has a huge interest in agriculture, especially vegetable farming.

He has harvested 6000 English/ball cabbage in two months this year.

“My target is to plant 10,000 English/ ball cabbage and continue to increase production by including other vegetables. My aim is to do vegetable farming off- season to meet market demand,” Katmatum said.

He plans to concentrate on planting English/ ball cabbage and tomatoes and intercropping with other vegetables.

Katmatum’s advice to young people is to invest in agriculture and farm as a business.


Photo supplied Caption: English/ball cabbage harvested by Sam Katmatum sold at Port Vila Market



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