Farmers positive about coffee harvest at Tanna

Tanna Coffee has harvested a little over 8 tonnes of coffee so far this harvest season.

According to owner, Terry Adlington, the amount is slightly up compared to last year’s harvest.

“Our anticipated target post-cyclone was between 20-25 tonnes overall but the harvest so far this year appears to be slightly up,” said Adlington.

Adlington says the farmers worked hard in the recovery and rehabilitation programme but it was disappointing because it took some farmers 12- 18 months before they started pruning the damaged trees.

“Late pruning diminished our overall production enormously. However, it is fully understandable that the priority after such disaster is food, security and shelter,” he said.

The need for earning a cash income is now taking place and as a result, they now see that the coffee trees that were pruned earlier are already bearing new fruit and growing vigorously, which means that next year's crop should be much better, added Adlington.

Adlington estimates that coffee would be harvested from around 150-200 farmers from a total 1000 farmers in the industry.

During the harvest, the farmers are given reliable service, delivery of new processing machinery and equipment, efficient collection times and immediate payment.

Tanna Coffee has established three new nurseries and potted 150,000 seedlings.

The company plans to plant new plants post-harvest.

Vanuatu lost more than 350,000 plants and TC Pam damaged over half the country’s coffee industry in March 2015.


Photo supplied by Tanna Coffee Facebook Caption: Coffee seedlings in the new nurseries 

Anishma Prasad