Hungry Hola victims in Vanuatu resort to stealing food

The Vanuatu Disaster Management Officer on Malekula says most people affected by Tropical Cyclone Hola haven't received any relief supplies and have resorted to stealing food.

Over a thousand homes have been completely destroyed and another thousand partly damaged in central and northern Malekula when Hola hit nearly three weeks ago.

Abelson Abel from the NDMO at Lakatoro said that despite detailed assessments being completed, people are frustrated at the lack of practical help.

Mr Abel said the only aid they have seen is tarpaulins to help fifty households, but it is not enough.

He said people are trying to repair their homes as best they can, but they are hungry and angry about waiting so long for help.

"There are no more markets," he said.

"People are starting to steal food in the gardens, we just received some news that most people are stealing food in the gardens."

"So we are still waiting for the government for food," said Mr Abel.

According to Mr Abel, he has been in regular contact with Port Vila requesting urgent help but is being told the response process takes time.

He said he has been asked to tell the community to be patient.