Leaders Party Vanuatu help youth from Banks group

Leaders Party Vanuatu parliamentarians, Jotham Napat and Matai Seremaiah have donated cash and food to youths from Vanualava, Mota and Motalava living at Anamburu area in Port Vila.

Seremaiah offered free of charge fare for the 24 young men to come over to Port Vila on his ship.

The youths are on a mission to work in Australia under the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP), so they can use 10% of their income to build churches on Vanualava Island, Motalava Island, Mota Island and Guaua Island in the Torba province

Seremaiah also promised to offer them free of charge shipping fare for both their cargo and church building materials back to their home islands once they return from Australia.

Jotham and Seremaiah were joined by Member of Parliament Albert Williams, LPV Torba Councilor of Gaua Island, LPV Torba Councilor of Motalava island and Torba province leaders.

Napat and Seremaiah assured the 24 youth of Vanualava , Mota and Motalava that their struggle can’t go unheard.

“With just the first term of LPV in the Government under a period of just two years, we have delivered a lot of both administrative and practical solutions to Torba such as ensuring roads are being cemented and paved with crossings, new roads were materialized, Fisheries, Kava and capacity building in various aspects of Development”.

Though they were terminated with no reasons, their move to the Opposition bloc cannot stop them for helping Torba.

LPV currently commands the majority of councilors in the Torba provincial Government.


Photo supplied. Caption: LPV MPs with youths at Aanamburu area Port Vila


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