Legislative Drafting Workshop for Vanuatu civil servants

The State Law Office (SLO) organised a two-day Legislative Drafting Workshop for civil servants in Port Vila.

The workshop, which is held annually or upon department or Ministry request, covered the processes involved in legislative drafting that any government body needed to be prepared for when working on any legislation.

Through the workshop, participants were actively involved in simulation exercises on what real legislative drafting involves and how following through all necessary processes is key in achieving a well-drafted legislation that delivers on its policy focus.

The request for the workshop had come directly from the Public Service Commission to involve the Ministries of Tourism and Trade, Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Agriculture and Health.

In his opening remarks, the Attorney General of the State Law Office reiterated the importance of participating in the workshop and the involvement of the Parliamentary Counsel Unit drafters who he stated as having very special skills in helping the Government achieve its legislative priorities in a year to Parliament.

The workshop was divided into various sessions that helped participants walk through the key steps of their role in the drafting process and understanding why their assistance is important in achieving good and proper legislation.

During her session on the Legislative Drafting Process, the SLO’s Parliamentary Counsel, Angelyne Dovo, stressed the importance of Government units taking ownership of their legislation from its policy formulation process through to when the Bill is finalised by both the officials and the drafters for Parliament.

Participants from different government ministries were taken on a thorough learning process to understand the role we as officials play in the Drafting Process and more importantly to appreciate the efforts of the SLO’s Parliamentary Counsel’s Unit to ensure that the Legislative priorities for each Government Institution is drafted for a Parliament Session.

Participants of the workshop received certificates of participation by the SLO as well.

Photo supplied Caption: Participants of the workshop




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