Mandatory ID checks on Air Vanuatu domestic flights from 1 Feb

All passengers travelling on Air Vanuatu’s domestic flights will be required to produce photos for identification from 1 February 2019.

The new policy will initially be rolled out on flights from Port Vila, Santo and Tanna.

The rest of the domestic ports will implement the new check-in requirement from 1 May 2019.

The airline has introduced the new check-in requirement because of a number of fraudulent identity practices in the past.

Air Vanuatu announced its new policy in October last year so that passengers would have sufficient time to arrange identification.

The airline said they had endured several cases of adults traveling on children’s fares which was a fraudulent act and impacted on Air Vanuatu’s costs and revenue.

Chief executive officer Derek Nice said the airline had been notifying passengers at Sales counters, via the media and online for several months now and is providing information on how to apply for free identification.

“Air Vanuatu will accept several forms of photo identification including the Vanuatu National ID card which is available free from Civil Status. Other acceptable forms of photo I.D. include the VNPF card, driver’s license, passport, student card and official company I.D. cards.”

Infants and children (up to 11 years) will also be required to show identification, the Civil Status Office can also issue these.

Mr. Nice said he was aware some people in the outer islands would need time to obtain photo I.D., hence the long lead in time for implementation.

“It is worldwide standard in aviation for photo identification to be required for safety, security and revenue best practice. We hope this does not cause our passengers any inconvenience and we will assist as where required,” he said.


Photo supplied Caption: Passenger check-in Port Vila Bauerfield Airport



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