More support for widows needed - Vanuatu women right's group

A women's rights activist in Vanuatu is urging the government to acknowledge widows as a marginalised group and provide more support.

Jenny Ligo's comments come after a gathering of the Vanuatu Widows' Association last week on the 23rd of June for International Widows' Day.

Mrs Ligo, who is the head of Vanuatu Women Against Crime and Corruption, says widows are often ignored and need to be valued for their contribution to society.

She told Amelia Langford she wants to see the Vanuatu government, and community leaders, take a more proactive approach to supporting widows, including more financial help.

Women's rights advocate, Jenny Ligo, says the marginalisation of widows is a worldwide issue.

The United Nations estimates there are about 258 million widows around the world, and nearly one in 10 live in extreme poverty.