Most areas of Port Vila Harbour closed for public use

Eighty percent of the Port Vila Harbour is now closed and has banned people from entering the premises.

This is following the claims made by the Office of Opposition that Independent laboratory tests have indicated Harbour contained coliforms, which are dreaded bacteria formed from human and animal faucal matter.

“The Municipality should enforce or instill stringent provisions coupled with the so called amendments made by the Ministry of Health to curb or totally halt sewage and drainage causing the contamination of water,” the office of opposition stated.  

As quoted by the Independent Online News, the opposition also stated it is becoming a serious issue with all sewage and water drainage running straight to the harbour.

 The Opposition Office is also questioning the Government in what clauses or provisions has the Ministry of Health amended with regards to the Public Health Act.

The task force formed last in 2017 comprising of Department of Environment, Water and Public Health must aggressively pursue and implement measures to reduce the contamination of the quality of water in Port Vila harbour.

“It make no sense and does no justice to the aid donors for beautifying our water front and yet our waters are banned for recreational purposes because of over pollution and the lack of Government mechanisms to purify sewage and drainage system” the Office of the Opposition stated.

At the end of July, Director of the Department of Water Resource, Erickson Sammy signed a notice of determination for the limitation on the right to use water as per the Water Resources Management Act [CAP 281] paragraph 8 (1) (b)

According to Sami, owners and occupiers of premises within the Port Vila CBD were already issued notices regarding their wastes and sewage discharges earlier this year.

A Task Force was appointed to oversee this issue. Members of the Task Force include representatives from the Department of Water Resources, Department of Environment, Port Vila Municipality, Department of Public Health, Shefa Provincial Council, VPMU and Department of Lands.



Tensly Sumbe