New 10,000L Water Tank for Tassiriki Primary School

A long-awaited water tank for Tassiriki Primary School on Moso comes to reality, with support from a Peace Corps Education Volunteer on the island.

 This is a dream come true for the students to have access to clean water.

 Mr. Daniel Redley, a Teacher at the Tassiriki Primary School gladly offered his boat to help transport the brand new 10,000 liter water tank plus 12 bags of cement, which was used to build the foundation for the tank.

The water tank was funded by the New Zealand High Commission in Vanuatu.

Moso Island is an island off the northwest coast of Efate and there are no rivers or lakes, and rain water collected into tanks like this is the primary source of drinking water.

 The tank will be accessible and usable by everyone in the community, including visitors said Mr. Redley.