Oxfam warns Vanuatu communities of donation scam

Oxfam in Vanuatu is warning communities on Efate to be aware of scammers seeking donations while posing as Oxfam employees.

Vanuatu Yumi Tok Tok Stret reported the international aid agency issued the statement after it learned a person named Alison Kalotiti had been demanding money and other services from people in the north and north-east of Efate in December, promising them Oxfam would provide a poultry project in return.

Oxfam said it wanted to clarify there was no one by the name of Alison Kalotiti working with them.

The agency also said it did not have any poultry, boat or related projects.

Oxfam advised communities not to give money to any person claiming to work for Oxfam and urges those who have been approached to report the matter to police.