SPC provides vegetable seeds to Vanuatu’s FSAC

The Pacific Community (SPC) through the Pacific Seed for Life project has been working with agriculture authorities in Vanuatu to strengthen their seeds system.

The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in partnership with the Seed for Life Project requested support for the seeds system by purchasing vegetable seeds worth VT 2.5 Million.

The seeds will be distributed to farmers to help them have a strong seed system for food security.

The project is part of recovery efforts for communities affected by TC Harold.

Mia Rimon, SPC Regional Director for Melanesia said, “Seeds for Life actively respond to FSAC’s request to have the first two orders delivered by the supplier, Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies Ltd.

“SPC, Land Care and FSAC’s plan is to ensure Vanuatu’s seed system for farmers, Vanuatu Agriculture Research and Technical Centre (VARTC) and Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) to propagate seeds and also provide seed packets to farmers in affected areas with a goal of long term sustainability for Vanuatu of producing seeds that can self-propagate to reproduce seeds for replanting that can produce high nutritious food, in line with the Vanuatu ‘Gudfala Kakae’ policy and Vanuatu Seed policy that SPC has supported MALFFB with in 2019. 

FSAC has planned to establish seed baskets and vegetable nurseries on Santo, Malo, Ambrym and Pentecost.

Vegetables seeds are market demand or varieties that ni-Vanuatu are familiar with and is preference of households.



Tensly Sumbe