Tweed Valley Adventist College helps rebuild Vanuatu

Tweed Valley Adventist College students are continuing to strengthen their friendships with the people of Vanuatu, as cyclone recovery continues across the islands.

Three years after Principal Paul Fua travelled to Port Vila, Vanuatu in 2015 to help with the clean-up of Cyclone Pam, the school is sending a team of 20 students and teachers to travel to the little village of Sorovanga in Efate in July to continue their support of the village.

Partnering with ADRA, the volunteers will be taking stationery and clothes and some building materials to support the people of Sorovanga.

"We were looking for a village who needed our support, but also that we could bring volunteers to and a project that suited the resources we had,” Mr Fua said.

"The day we arrived the chief of the village was crying when he saw us, because they had begun building and had run out of money and supplies the day before.

"The villagers saved for three years to build a new building and the cyclone came and destroyed their work. It was a perfect fit.”