Vanuatu’s Gambule students connected to online educational resources

Students of Gambule Primary and Secondary School in Vanuatu’s Maewo community now have access to computers and internet services.

The school which accommodates 500 students can  access valuable educational and teaching resources.

According to the Telecommunications Radio communications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR)’s Universal Access and Service coordinator, Hanson Waki, two programmes were designed under the Universal Access Policy with the principle that schools can be hubs for community Internet access.

“These were the Computer Laboratory and Internet Community Centre (CLICC) and the Tablet for Schools (TFS) programmes,” Waki explained.

“The computer lab on Gambule School is part of the CLICC programme and the model could be replicated in other schools in the country.”

Gambule school has been struggling with the challenge of providing sufficient textbooks and reading books to its students. The facility will help bridge this gap.

Furthermore, the schools can now access the Vanuatu Educational Management Information System (VEMIS), and will be able to feed information into the VEMIS database as required by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

Gambule School has 250 secondary students, 250 primary students and 15 teachers altogether.