Vanuatu’s Portoroki Adventist Church to be on lockdown amid coronavirus crisis

Board members of Portoroki Adventist Church in Vanuatu have agreed to a lockdown of the church for the next 30 days.

This was confirmed by Head Elder of the church, Richard Edwin.

He says all church families are expected to do their usual worship services via relevant electronic channels in their individual homes.

It means that church activities such as paying tithes and various church offerings will carry on as usual in each home and kept safe until such time the lockdown is lifted for them to bring all their properly labelled envelopes to church to be handed over to the respective persons responsible.

While globally the coronavirus is treated as a deadly threat to humanity, Portoroki Church Leaders have suggested that God has allowed the virus in to wake people up to refocus on their faith.

“This is a time for all members of the church regardless of what denomination, to come back on track to refocus their faith in their Creator,” says one senior Adventist.

“If families have fallen apart due to various differences then this is the time for them to reunite and reborn spiritually.”

Other Adventist churches are understood to be taking similar precautions to prepare their members to deal with the virus especially taking buckets, dishes and soaps to church to show members how to wash their hands.