Vanuatu’s Tanna Coffee back on track

Tanna Coffee has ended its longest coffee season to date with a harvest of 25.5 tonnes of coffee for the year.

The harvest is only a quarter of the normal haul says Tanna Coffee but it is one of the best harvests after Cyclone Pam destroyed the coffee plants in 2015.

Tanna Coffee congratulated the farmers for their hard work and dedication they have provided in years.

The owner of Tanna Coffee, Terry Adlington told Loop Vanuatu that Cyclone Pam damaged over half of the entire coffee industry and around 350,000 plants.

The estimated cost of immediate loss of trees and production for 2015 was around $2m.

In two years, Tanna Coffee has managed to pull up a number of nurseries and more farmers to rebuild coffee farms in Tanna.

Tanna Coffee says it is thankful for this year’s harvest and looks forward to 2018.