Vanuatu to begin cattle distribution under National Cattle Restocking Programme

Vanuatu’s Department of Livestock (DoL) will commence cattle distribution to farmers in July under the Phase 2 of the National Cattle Restocking programme.

The announcement follows the completion of the phase 1 programme with the final offload of cattle at Aneityum on May 1 and the completion of project activities for the cattle restocking which comes under the component of the Beef Value Chain of the Vanuatu Value Chain programme funded by European Development Fund 11 (EDF11).

The phase 2 programme is supported through the EDF11 with a projected figure of 10,000 heads of cattle be distributed within five years.

The current distribution plan will begin in Santo with 2000 heads of cattle to be distributed by December 2019.

The Director for Department of Livestock, Lonny Bong said the delays in implementing the 2nd phase of the cattle restocking was to adhere-to and complete formal processes of project activities of the cattle restocking.

“We are now awaiting the tender process to be completed. Once we identify suppliers for cattle, sea and land transport, we will commence implementation starting in Santo,” Bong said.

The Department of Livestock will distribute at least 400 heads of cattle per month during the project period in order to achieve the set target.

Since mid-2018, cattle farmers have been advised to prepare their farms, install standard fencing and paddocks, grow standard pasture, install water systems and provide their names to the Department of Livestock.

These farms will be inspected by Livestock Officers in order to ensure they meet the above criteria so that they can be listed to receive cattle.

Prior to receiving any stock, the farmers will be notified and sign an agreement with DoL to ensure that the livestock will be raised purposely to breed and raise the number of cattle per island.

Bong said the current target is achievable but he also appeals to farmers to work with the department in order to make this programme successful.


Photo supplied. Caption: Cattle ready for distribution.



Tensly Sumbe