Vanuatu communities confirm their engagement with Mini Games services

More than 90 groups from local communities in Port Vila have signed up with Van2017 to provide various services in venues during the Pacific Mini Games in December.

Manager of Games and Services, Samson Sawan, explained that 24 representatives from each of the selected community groups signed their contract, to officially engage in the labour workforce which will cover services in cleaning, logistics, food vendors and kava vendors during the Games.

“It’s been a long process to recruit, identify, and select the groups and now we are in the process of engaging them by signing contracts,” said Mr Sawan.

“In terms of services, we have secured over 20 cleaning community groups, with approximately 200 individuals who will be cleaning all venues; in logistics, we have a total of 37 groups of up to 370 individuals who will start working from November onwards to prepare for the sport competition and Training major set up.”

VanCEO Clint Flood said that the response from the local communities to Van2017’s request for participation in the program was well received and careful screening capabilities were reviewed prior to signing the contracts.

“It is a great way of giving back to community, and having community groups take ownership and pride in delivering services to all Games athletes and spectators as well. All groups will undergo training and orientation in preparation for the work in December. But some groups have already started, this month, by moving equipment from the eight donated containers shipped by the Government of the People’s Republic of China to Vanuatu.”

Mr Flood said that some of working groups are putting up signage and billboards around the capital to decorate the city and to promote the games, while at Korman, the main sporting venue, removal of debris is under way by other labour groups.

As well as the contracts for community services at venues, private security firms were signed up for their engagement during the Games.

Van2017 has secured nine registered private security companies and 20 community policing groups, totalling up to 455 security guards, who will assist the Vanuatu Police Force with security during the event. Under this arrangement, VPF will provide security training to all security personnel who will be attached to various functional areas during the Games.


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