Vanuatu Education Ministry reviews Minimum Quality Standards

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), through the school-based Management Unit,set a milestone when it brought together 70 senior education officers to review the Minimum Quality Standards.

The officers also discussed initiating a process towards Evidence-based School Improvement Planning, implementation and monitoring as part of the ministry’s commitment to quality education.

The Minimum Quality Standards cover mainly the Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE), the Primary Schools, Principal standards and Teacher Standards.

The workshop has met the intended objectives with critical reflections on the strengths and challenges in the use of existing Minimum Quality Standards that guided the School Improvement plans as well as recommendations of practical ways to harmonise the standards and relevant tools to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of these MoET standards.

The workshop is the beginning of a journey towards harmonizing the standards and strengthening monitoring and creating solid links between Evidence-based school improvement plans, allocation of school grants and the National Business Plan of the Ministry of education and Training in the future.

This is in line with the growing momentum at the national, provincial and school levels for improving quality education to enable the education sector to better respond to the fast changing socio-economic development in Vanuatu.

The Director General of Education Bergmans Iati stated “The ministry of Education and Training introduced the ECCE, the schools’ minimum standards, principal standards and the Teacher Standards because of the lessons we learned in the past as well as the experiences and success we have gained over the years.

The MOET is leading this effort with support of UNICEF and in collaboration with VESP2, DFAT and MFAT.

Photo supplied Caption: Senior Education teachers before the workshop



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