Vanuatu farmers prepare for 2018 National Agriculture Festival

Vanuatu has begun preparing for the National Agriculture Festival 2018 with the election of members of the organising committee.

Over 30 participants attended the meeting which included farmer representatives and all other important stakeholders.

The Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Antoine Ravo says the agriculture-based officers in each province have informed the selected farmers to grow the crops, livestock, and fisheries that they want to showcase at the festival next year.

“Majority of the farmers are already well informed of the event next year and have started growing their crops for next year,” he said.

Ravo says DARD plans to assist farmers with good agriculture practices, provide seeds, and nursery materials.

DRAD plans to help farmers so that they can produce good quality products for the upcoming event and also encourage them to improve the standards of supplying local markets if farmers want to find markets.

Ravo says farmers are local experts and they have been working with the soil and their crops so they know their technology well to promote their produce.

The meeting focused on including all relevant stakeholders that play an important role in the agriculture sector to increase production and improve quality.

DARD will also involve stakeholders that link farmers to markets like tourism, trade, education, health and climate change.

Some farmers have started planting yams in preparation for the festival.

The initiative was announced by Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Bio-Security (MALFFB), Matai Seremaiah.

The festival will be held in Santo in Sanma Province and it will be an opportunity to showcase agricultural products with the participation of all provinces.



Photo by: A/PAO Philip Panpan (Facebook). Caption: participants at the meeting 

Anishma Prasad