Vanuatu gets a new eye clinic - and its first ever eye doctor

Vanuatu's first ever eye doctor is a bit of a hero among locals.

But Dr Johnson Kasso is the first to tell you that back then, he was just another village boy on the island of Santo.

"I'm just fortunate to come this far,'' he says, a reflective look spreading across his face

"My childhood was kind of a very poor childhood - my father worked in a plantation looking after cattle and mending fences, cutting copra.

"Growing up in a plantation, to this kind of life...I think is something unimaginable for me.''

Those humble beginnings have shaped him into a hard worker and one who is very in-tuned with patients and staff alike.

People are quick to greet him or call out: "Hello, Kasso!''

Last year, he completed his studies at the Pacific Eye Institute in Fiji; graduating as a qualified ophthalmologist.

He returns to Vanuatu as the country's first permanent eye doctor.

It is just in time for the opening of the new Vanuatu National Eye Centre, supported by The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, in Port Vila.