Vanuatu govt finalising 'second home' for Ambae residents

Vanuatu's National Disaster Management Office is finalising plans for a 'second home' for Ambae residents wishing to leave the island due to ongoing volcanic activity.

The office's operations manager said the government had secured a site on Maewo and was negotiating for three others.

Peter Korisa said the confirmed site is 209 hectares and can support up to 400 families.

Mr Korisa said the average ni-Vanuatu household has five members and that there are currently over 300 families looking to relocate.

He said the government would help families move by offering transport, shelter, food and water as well as a half-hectare of land for crops and livestock.

"That relocation for them to move to Maewo, it's more like an option of the second home. We'll call it the second home. So the first one is Ambae and the second one is Maewo so if the situation gets worse then they have to go to Maewo. And if the situation really calms down then they can return back," said Peter Korisa.

Peter Korisa says the government assisted relocation will run until the end of July.