Vanuatu Livestock department warns communities to respect breeding centres

The Livestock Department is appealing to communities who reside near the Breeding Centres in Port Vila to respect these properties and allow the centres to serve its purpose.

The appeal comes at a time when some members of the community decided to break-in at the centre steal breeding stocks for consumption.

“The devastating impact of Cyclone Pam on the livestock sector throughout the country saw the department initiate the establishment of six provincial livestock breeding centres, purposely to restock livestocks throughout the communities and eventually address food security needs.

“These breeding centres produces chicks, ducklings, kids, piglets and recently, cattle was included in SANMA and SHEFA Province, Livestock Director Lonny Bong stressed.

Recent incidents at the centres recorded continuous disturbance especially at the SHEFA Breeding Centre where theft of new-born calves, breeding cows and lately breeding ducks and drakes.

Mr Bong says such attitude is a slap to the livestock department since the government is embarking on such initiative to assist the population, and some members of the communities are taking advantage by stealing at the canters.

“Some people are taking advantages of events such as the Independence celebration, especially at night, to enter the breeding centres because they know that most people are out and no one would see them when they enter the centre” says Director Bong.

These breeding centres went into operation in 2016 and since then, the department has witnessed a record-breaking interest from both locals and the expat communities who ventured into chicken, duck and dairy production.

Lonny Bong says ‘these centres are built purposely to benefit locals.

According to records from the SHEFA Centre, 200 chicks are distributed weekly. Every week, there is interest for ducklings, goats, pigs and cattle.


Photo file Alain Simeon/Dept of Livestock Facebook


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