Vanuatu National Disaster Committee activates new clusters to support NDMO response to disasters

The Vanuatu National Disaster Committee (NDC) has activated two new clusters to support the work of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) in its current and future response to disasters affecting the country.

They are the Displacement and Evacuation Centre Management Cluster and the National Energy Services Cluster.

The NDC Chairwoman, the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change, Esline Garaebiti advised that it is important to address issues around energy services and displacements after any disasters as previously no proper considerations were made on these areas.

“These clusters will act as advisory teams to the NDC and NDMO regarding response in the areas of Energy services and displacement and evacuation centres after any disasters in country,” she said.

The activation of both Clusters was made alongside the decision to rename and activate national clusters and to appoint their respective government lead agencies.

The NDC decided to review the National Disaster Management cluster setup in its meeting in April, 2020.

During the meeting, the NDC activated the National Energy Services Cluster and renamed the national cluster to ‘Displacement and Evacuation Centre Management Cluster’ and activated all other national Clusters where Director Generals will now be cluster leads.

The NDC has appointed the NDMO as the respective government lead agency and its Director as the Chairperson.

Ms Garaebiti acknowledged the NDMO for its continuous leadership and support in the TC Harold response operations and instructed to let all its partners know of the decision.

NDC advised that each National Cluster must have a representative stationed at the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) at the NDMO for the duration of the current and subsequent response operations.


Photo supplied Caption: NDC Chairwoman, the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change Esline Garaebiti



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