Vanuatu needs a resilient workforce

Labour Commissioner Murielle Meltenoven says there is a need for an empowered labour force for Vanuatu to be a more resilient nation.

Commissioner Meltenoven says according to the last national survey conducted in 2000, the current labour market data is limited.

“We need to update our data and support each other to better understand and prepare the national workforce for future work,” she said.

Commissioner Meltenoven made the comments at the recent Skills for the Future Workshop held in Port Vila.

She noted that the Vanuatu National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) — The People’s Plan 2030, highlights the importance of creating jobs and business opportunities for people as well as ensuring resilience to climate change and disasters.

The workshop focused on collaborating with and supporting stakeholders to identify labour market needs, future workforce trends and skills gaps to inform training and development plans that will target priority sectors.

The workshop was led by the Vanuatu Government’s Department of Labour and co-organised by the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) and the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP).

It is part of efforts that both organisations are currently undertaking on regional labour market assessments and climate skills audits.

Commissioner Meltenoven acknowledged the support of APTC and APCP calling on all stakeholders to collaborate and work together to plan for labour market analyses in support of the NSDP.

Photo supplied Caption: Participants at the Skills for the Future workshop




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