Vanuatu Opposition files more criminal complaints

Vanuatu’s Opposition has lodged two more complaints with Police against the Minister for Finance Gaeton Pikione and Member of Parliament, Tomker Netvunei.

According to Opposition Whip, Jay Ngwele, the complaints were filed Friday.

The complaints relate to the Appeals Court ruling that declared the appointments of Parliamentary Secretary ‘void and of no effect.’

The Opposition said there was no budget for the PS positions and salaries were paid to Parliamentary secretaries when Parliament sat to debate motions of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

Ngwele said the criminal complaint against MP Netvunei was for bribery as he had accepted the post of PS for Agriculture on November 23 2016 at a tie when he had signed a motion of No Confidence against the Prime Minister but immediately withdraw his support and signature when he was appointed a PS by the Prime Minister.

MP Ngwele said all MPs are subject to the law and the leadership code and the Opposition will continue to ensure that it is the watchdog of government.

However, MP Netvunei said he does not see the basis of any investigation against him because at the time he was appointed PS, he was already affiliated with the government.

He said he accepted the position in good faith given by the government of the day.

The Opposition filed a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai based on alleged perjury and bribery.

Opposition leader, Ishmael Kalsakau alleged the government used the positions to shore up their support and misuse public funds for the salaries.


Photo supplied Caption: Leader of opposition Ishmael Kalsakau



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