Vanuatu police warn drivers

Vanuatu Police Road Traffic Section has recorded a high number of road traffic accidents this month of August.

Police recorded 12 road accidents within a period of only 7 days.

The latest accident was last weekend when a woman was hit by a vehicle in Port Vila.

Police says speed limits are certainly important although it was too soon to say if speed was a factor in the latest case, adding that investigations are underway.

The Police Traffic section is warning all drivers driving around public roads to respect the traffic laws to ensure the roads are safe to use by other road users.

“There are other road users who are also using the public roads and are endanger by bad driving behaviour and habits and attitude of a few drivers whom did not respect the traffic laws even though they understand that bad driving behaviour can endanger other road user’s well-being and freedom to use the roads"

The Police Traffic section stated that children, adults and all road users have the rights to use the public roads.

Police traffic section through the Land Transport Authority is warning all public land transport vehicle drivers including bus and taxi’s that Police will suspend both Driver's license and public vehicle permit of any public vehicle driver is caught driving under influence of alcohol liquor.

The Road Traffic Control Act Cap 29 section 16 states that; It is an offence for any person to drive on the public road when under the influence of alcoholic liquor or a drug to such an extent that the driver is incapable of properly controlling his vehicle.

A police officer shall be empowered without warrant to arrest any person contravening this section.

Police also warn drivers that there is a penalty for anyone caught breaching the section 16 of the Road Traffic Control Act Cap 29.




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