Vanuatu prepares for Kava Festival

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry, Cooperative and Ni-Vanuatu Business is organising a Kava Festival on Thursday, 25 October in Port Vila Efate.

MALFFB said the purpose of the festival is to establish dialogue and framework on addressing kava production and supply issues and plan for the future (Kava Forum).

The festival will also showcase and increase awareness of current kava raw products to new value-added commodities including story telling on the history of kava and our traditions (Kava Display).

The partners of the festival are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Bio-security, Vanuatu Cultural Centre, Department of Tourism, Vanuatu Tourism Office with supporting partners; Department of Industry, Kava Bar Outlets, Kava Buyer and Exporters to host the first ever kava festival.

MALFFB said the event is the first ever Kava Festival in the Pacific.

The theme for the Kava Festival is Respect Noble Kava Protecting Market.


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