Vanuatu PSC partners with The Pacific Community, Singapore Govt for capacity building

Senior members of the Office of the Public Service Commission (OPSC) and the Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management (VIPAM) have embarked on an ambitious project to improve the quality of the Public Service.

Twenty-one Human Resource Officers from all government ministries including managers from the Office of the Public Service Commission (OPSC), are undertaking an intense 5 day-course on Management and Productivity with lead trainer Cidi Wee, a senior trainer of the Singapore Civil Service College.

The training is being conducted in partnership with the Pacific Community (SPC), the Singapore Cooperation Programme and the world class Singapore Civil Service College.

In 2019, as part of the ongoing work of the Pacific Community to support the scientific and technical needs of Vanuatu as a member state, the government of Vanuatu requested the assistance of the SPC Regional Office of Melanesia to assist in improving the quality of the Public Service.

SPC provides critical science and technical expertise to Vanuatu in Climate Change, Climate Smart Agriculture, Fisheries, Geodetics, Statistics, Water and other sectors, using a people-centred and rights-based approach to assist Vanuatu to achieve the NSDP.

The Government said it recognizes that effective service delivery by public servants in all line ministries requires well-trained employees who have the skills and tools to be effective and efficient.

SPC approached the Singapore Cooperation Programme through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, External Trade and International Cooperation to resource mobilize for the Singapore Civil Service College’s most experienced instructor to come to Vanuatu to train trainers from all ministries and the OPSC.

“This is a very important time for Vanuatu, reaching our 40th year of Independence and graduating from Lesser Developed Country (LDC) status. I and the Prime Minister (Caretaker) are fully behind supporting a programme to reform and improve the Public Service, and we feel that the initiative of VIPAM and SPC is the way to achieve an ethical, efficient and effective public service,” says Dr. Gregoire Nimbtik, DG to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Chairman of the Public Service, Martin Mahe challenged staff in the PSC and VIPAM to find innovative ways to improve the public service and he is proud of the huge step forward he has witnessed through this new programme.

“Our Work Improvement Team( WIT) will be rolling out reforms and improvement in the PSC systems of job descriptions and responsibilities, accurate KPIs and a robust performance management system that all managers will be trained and supported to use, for the overall goal of a high standard of performance in all of our ministries and departments. Today marks a new beginning for the public service, and we will serve the people of Vanuatu better, thanks to our partnership with SPC and the Singapore Government,” Mr Mahe said.

The Civil Service College (CSC) is the central learning institution for the Singapore Public Service. It plays a pivotal role in nurturing and developing people for a first class Public Service and conducts its high standard training to Pacific Island countries as requested.

Photo supplied Caption: PSC staff at the training



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