Vanuatu to showcase their own organic products in China

Vanuatu will be out to showcase its own products at the China International Import Expo, tomorrow.

The country will be among participating countries around the world, will take the opportunity to showcase its best and unique organic products to the world.

There are seven Vanuatu businesses that will participate and these include Activ Association - Chocolate Aelan Makers, Vanuatu Bijouterie, Vanuatu Nature Ltd, Azure Pure Water, Fine Foods Ltd, Vanuatu Beverage Ltd and Caillard Kaddour.

Vanuatu delegation will be led by Honourable Minister Ralph Regenvanu with seven government technical officials (VTO, Department of Tourism, VIPA, Department of Industry, Department of External Trade plus two officials from the department and ministry of foreign Affairs) and eleven members of the private sectors.

To support Vanuatu’s participation in this Expo, Chinese Government had funded 11 return tickets plus accommodation of five members of the Vanuatu delegation.

Vanuatu/China economic cooperation began back in 2006 and today China is one major export market for Vanuatu. About 70% of China’s exports are represented by blue water tree logs, – high-grade timber used for the production of furniture. In 2017, China absorbed 99.7% of Vanuatu’s exports blue water tree logs. Other items of significance (above VUV 10 million) exported to China included chilled fish, kava, and sandalwood logs and chips.

China is also leading in terms of new foreign investment projects. Slowly moving away from conventional Retail and Wholesale investments China’s current biggest investments have been in the tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture. Vanuatu has more to offer for foreign investment especially within the Agriculture sector where technical support through machinery is needed and new and advanced methods of farming is welcomed.

It is believed that Vanuatu’s participation in this Expo will open new opportunities for Vanuatu’s products to enter China’s market and also attract healthy investments into Vanuatu. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and External trade (MFOICET) wishes to acknowledge the Chinese Government for the invitation to this Expo and assured the Chinese government for a healthier economic engagement in the years to come between the two parties. The MFOICET also extends its appreciation to individual private businesses for their efforts and continuous positive commitments to growth Vanuatu’s economy.