Vanuatu welcomes fumigation changes in New Caledonia

Vanuatu has welcomed a move by New Caledonia to drop fumigation requirements for imported kava chips and roots.

Fumigation involves use of gas to treat products to kill off any unwanted organisms.

According to Vanuatu's Daily Post, the first batch of non-fumigated kava exported to New Caledonia shipped on Friday.

The Director of Biosecurity said it's exciting times for the industry.

Timothy Tumukon said they conducted tests and found there was no need to continue to treat kava sent to New Caledonia with methyl bromide.

He said Vanuatu authorities talked to their New Caledonia counterparts and there were now two requirements.

One is no fumigation and the other is for certification that the kava sent is true noble variety processed according to export procedures.

Mr Tumukon said there were eight exporters of kava to New Caledonia who will welcome the fumigation development because it helps lower costs.