Volcano alert level 2 for Tanna

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards department (VMGD) says the Yasur Volcano is continuing in the major unrest state

VMGD stated that the volcanic activity is likely to continue at similar levels, consistent with Volcanic Alert Level 2.

Observations and seismic data analysis in September 2018 confirm a continuous volcanic activity in the level of major unrest state and is confined in the crater.

The activity consists of ongoing explosions. Some explosions remain strong and volcanic bombs may fall in and/or around the crater

VMGD warns that eruptive vents may emit volcanic gases and ashes cloud. Gas will continue to be smelt while approaching the caldera and crater.

VMGD stated that the alert level for Yasur has been at the Level 2 since 18th October 2016.

Yasur is the best known and most frequently visited of the Vanuatu volcanoes.

It has been in more-or-less continuous Strombolian activity since Captain Cook observed ash eruptions in 1774.

VMGD says villages located close to the volcano may be impacted by ash falls and volcanic gases, especially those exposed to prevailing trade winds direction.

The Department of Meteorology and Geohazards will continue to closely monitor this volcano activity.


Photo file. Caption: Yasur volcano, Tanna Vanuatu

Tensly Sumbe