Digicel MyCash services back online, zero fees for all withdrawals

Digicel today is delighted to announce that its MyCash – mobile wallet service is back up within Tongatapu.

All Digicel MyCash services were restored today following restoration of international calls connectivity last week.

Digicel Regional CEO, Ms Shally Jannif, said; “I am delighted to let the people of the Kingdom of Tonga know that Digicel’s MyCash service is live and running and our Tongatapu Store is open to offer withdrawal services. Our customers were able to receive international money transfers from their loved ones overseas from earlier this afternoon.”

“I would also like to announce that effective from today, all MyCash withdrawal fees are waived until February 28. We stand with Tonga and we want to support our customers and help them in this recovery phase,” commented Shally.

An elated customer, Ilaisipa Lolohea Nau of Fatumu, Tongatapu visited the Digicel Store to withdraw some much needed funds after learning that MyCash service was back up.

“This morning, I received a message notifying that the MyCash service will resume from midday. This was the best news ever for me as I needed money to buy food and water for my family. I called my family in New Zealand to send some money via MyCash and within an hour I received a message that funds were deposited into my account. I rushed to the Digicel Store and it took me less than five minutes to withdraw my money.

“I want to say – thank you Digicel – for the hard work day and night to ensure that your customers are able to get cash especially during this difficult situation we’re currently experiencing. Thank you Digicel so much for your great service. Malo!” added Ilaisipa.   

Digicel have also connected the National Reserve Bank of Tonga today and is working on bringing more corporate customers online one by one this week.

Digicel is awaiting airport quarantine clearance of more technical equipment this week to be able to carry out further improvement to network connectivity.

“Digicel was first to restore international calls last week. We hope to have all basic services up in the next few days. We hope to bring GPRS and 3G basic data services up which will see bank ATMs, EFTPOS and other services restored in Tonga,” commented Shally.

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Photo supplied Digicel Tonga