Farming tools to benefit Paama families in Vanuatu

More than 400 households on Paama island in Vanuatu have received farming tools and vegetable seeds from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The assistance made possible through the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Food and Agriculture Organisation project is intended to help communities improve their livelihood.

The households received spades, rakes, shovels, trowels, bush knives, watering cans, shed nets, seed trays, seeds and seasonal cropping calendar.

Area Secretary Cyrus Willie thanked DARD for selecting Paama island.

“Most farmers do not have access to proper farming tools so they were so fortunate to be part of this project to ensure they also contribute to development of the productive sector.

“This is an activity that will connect the DARD and farmers on Paama and it will be monitored and feedback will be reported on the progress on the agriculture sector on Paama island.”

Mr Willie said the agriculture sector is important.

“National leaders who originate from Paama island, chiefs and people of Paama should prioritize their focus to support the development of agriculture, fisheries and livestock.

“It is also time for Paama island to elevate the agriculture sector by using appropriate machinery such as two-wheel rotovator.

The Area Secretary for Paama, Cyrus Willie, concluded “It is seven years now since Paama island has no Assistant Agriculture Officer (AAO) so we are looking forward for the DARD to ensure extension services reach farmers on Paama in the near future through an AAO.


Photo supplied Caption: Distribution of farming tools at Liro, Pamma.


Tensly Sumbe