Pacific online banking activity increases during lockdowns and Tongan tsunami and eruption

There's been a record number of online banking use in the Pacific following lockdowns in several nations and the Tongan tsunami and eruption.

ANZ has seen a 30-percent increase in Pacific internet banking customers, which comes after Samoa and Kiribiti's nationwide lockdown, and recent Tonga events.

Banking has been unaffected by recent riots in the Solomon Islands.

ANZ banks in the Pacific are operational, in-line with government requirements with banks in Samoa back open tomorrow.

ANZ Regional Executive for the Pacific, Tessa Price said people can still access money in Tonga from their bank online or via ATM.

"In a matter of days they were operational again. Our Pacific team in Fiji were able to process the transactions. So our ATM's, Eftpos branch services and international transfers as well. That was very, very pleasing to see."

Price said satellite connection has meant people can easily send money to Tonga.


Photo file ANZ  Caption: ANZ Bank in Samoa