Vanuatu business groups commend Government’s Covid-response

Vanuatu’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Vanuatu Business Resilience Council say the diagnosis of the country’s first COVID-19 case in quarantine today shows that the systems are working.

“The individual has been picked up by the testing regime, and is now being transferred safely to the isolation facilities at Vila Central Hospital. This is a positive outcome, and shows that Vanuatu is in a good position to deal with this case. We would like to congratulate the NDMO and Ministry of Health for their work in developing and implementing these systems, and for keeping Vanuatu safe,” the business bodies have said in a media release today.

They urge businesses to:

• Ensure proper enforcement of hand washing and other measures. There has been a noticeable decline in this over the past six months, and we should immediately return to the hand-washing levels seen in April

• Communicate clearly to all employees what this means, including that all of the systems are operating as they should be, and that there is no need to panic

• Stay up to date with all Government plans, and follow closely all public advice


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