Women vital in agriculture: APEC

Food security is crucial for the APEC regions and Papua New Guinea has urged all APEC economies to support its initiative for more participation of women in agriculture and fisheries.

The APEC economies have been urged to work together to waver the challenges and create opportunities for women participation in sustainable agriculture and fisheries for food security and revenue generation.

PNG delegate and Chief Livestock Advisor with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Regina Nukundj, said women in agriculture and fisheries play an important role in supporting their households and communities.

She told the APEC delegates during the Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS) forum recently in Port Moresby that women play an important role in achieving food and nutrition security, which generates revenue and improves wellbeing.

She added that women contribute to agriculture and small enterprises fueling local, regional and global economies.

Yet, they continue to face constant challenges limiting their progressive advancement and preventing them from freely accessing all resources that can enable their full participation in economic development.

She said PNG is initiating a new policy initiative and is driven from the sectoral standpoint, aligning to Food Security Road Map 2020, where one of the priorities is to strengthen farmer groups, women in farming and empowering smallholder farmers, including youth and women.

Freddy Mou