Vanuatu SHEFA HTL council welcomes PCV Church Assembly Resolution

The Shefa Community Transformation and Healing of The Land (HTL) Council has welcomed the resolution of the Presbyterian Church (PCV) Assembly for PCV leaders and members to actively support and participate in the HTL Programme in Vanuatu.

The Shefa HTL Council has held its meeting at the Bible Church Vanuatu (BCV) Bethel Centre at Tagabe, Port Vila late last month.

The meeting heard of success and challenging developments through the year, and acknowledged the successful hosting of the 2019 National HTL Conference hosted by Ekipe Village on North East Efate in August.

One of the significant decisions and resolutions passed in the end of year meeting was the welcoming of the resolution of the Presbyterian Church Assembly for PCV take up active role and participation in the HTL mission in Vanuatu. The PCV Church Assembly was conveyed to the Shefa HTL Council meeting by Elder Paul Kalman Kaltoi of Epau Village.

The Council resolved that a meeting of understanding be held with the heads of the Efate Presbytery (which includes North and South Efate Sessions respectively) to explain the existing HTL structures – Provincial, National and Regional.

“We thank our God and we welcome the resolution of the PCV Church Assembly because this is an answer to our prayers for all Christians in Shefa Province to unite and driving the unity and transformation of our people in order for God to heal our land”, Chairman of Shefa HTL Council Reverend Sandy Ishmael Vakaripu declares after the report from Elder Paul Klaman Kaltoi.

“The HTL programme calls for the unity of all community leaders, including paramount chiefs and church leaders, and the submission of our people as a gesture of humbleness and humility before our God, in response to His call as recorded in the Book of 2 Chronicles 7: 14 (If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land).

“We have done programmes in most parts of Efate and some offshore islands, but we need to reach out to the northern parts of Shefa Province, including Shepherds Islands. So this information of our mother church resolving in its highest decision making forum to support the HTL programme in Vanuatu is good news as well as answers to our prayers for God to forgive and to heal Vanuatu”, Rev Ishmael Vakaripu says.

The Shefa HTL Council is already aware of the indication from the Paramount Chief of Sangava Village, Emae, Shepherds Islands, for the council to extend its programme to his village.

Rev. Ishmael Vakaripu says the PCV Church Assembly decision is significant in driving the HTL and Community Transformation programme and activities to the whole province.

The Shefa HTL Council will hold its final meeting for the year 2019 on Saturday 21 December in Port Vila.

Photo supplied Caption: Shefa HTL Council meeting at Bible Church Vanuatu.



Tensly Sumbe