Beyoncé is too famous for interviews

Actions speak louder than words, especially if you're Beyoncé.

The New York Times has pointed out that the Grammy winner's latest magazine spread, for Vogue's coveted September issue, is without any word from the singer herself.

Considering the fact that the fashion bible generally offers up lengthy, juicy sit-downs with their cover stars, it's a bit of a mystery as to why the reigning queen of pop chose to remain silent.

And yet, here we are scratching our heads over something that she very clearly orchestrated from the get-go.

Instead of a Q&A with Bey herself, the mag's steamy photo spread was juxtaposed alongside a short essay on Mrs. Carter's career by none other than Pulitzer-winning writer Margo Jefferson.

The Times reached out to Jefferson, to get some insight as to how the couture-heavy September piece came about.

"It was definitely posed to me as…call it a think piece if you want," she explained.

"I had no contact with her camp."

Peculiar at the very least and definitely conspiracy-inducing for the diehard Beyhive, but maybe going silent has its benefits?

The bold move could be a response to the flak she got after hyping a big reveal days before a Good Morning America segment discussing her partnership with a vegan meal plan.

Fans around the globe went into overdrive guessing what the announcement could be, and lashed out on social media after the news hit the morning program.

But that's not to say that Bey would ever let that bother her.

She's been notoriously picky about what platforms of social media she chooses to stay active on, too.

And between the Instagram photos of her and her family on lavish holiday vacations, or sexy selfies dressed in nothing but ridiculously priced swimwear, it's safe to say that we've seen plenty of Bey over the past year…but that's about it.